Troubleshooting & Tips

🛢️ My hair is oily

If you are within the first month of your transition to shampoo bars, keep pushing through, you’ve got this!

If you’ve finished your transition and your hair is still oily, here are some slight adjustments to try:

▫️ Only apply your conditioner bar to the tips of your hair, not the scalp.

▫️ Same goes for your ACV rinse, don’t pour over your whole head, try submerging the bottom parts of your hair into a cup and let your hair soak up the rinse.  

▫️ Instead of your next shampoo, do a deep cleanse by gently massaging bicarb powder into your scalp then rinse.  

🌵 My hair is dry

▫️ Consider shampooing less regularly, try and stretch out your washes, and definitely avoid shampooing every day.  

▫️ Brushing is important for distributing natural oils.  Try gently brushing your hair when it is dry the day after shampooing, and continue daily until your next wash.  

▫️ Add a few drops of hair nourishing oils such as castor oil and coconut oil to the tips of your hair.  

▫️ Condition with a conditioner bar which is more hydrating. If you are still using a rinse, try diluted keffir water instead of other more acidic rinses.  

▫️ Avoid using bicarb on your hair and scalp.  

🪢 My hair is getting tangled

▫️ Condition with a conditioner bar from roots to tip, the natural oils will help you brush through with your fingers as you wash it out.  

▫️ Use a wide tooth comb and gently work your way from the tips up to the roots while wet or just after when still damp. Be very gentle not to pull or use a brush, as wet hair is more prone to breakage.  

▫️ A little diluted ACV in a spray bottle may help. 

🥀 My hair is limp 

▫️ Ensure you’re washing the shampoo and/or conditioner out thoroughly. 

▫️ Clarify with a rinse more regularly and experiment with different types of rinses and the dilution levels.  

▫️ Don’t use commercial hairspray or other non natural products.

👾 Help, my hair just feels funny!

▫️ Check out our page on Transitioning to Natural Shampoo and don’t forget if you’re new to natural shampoo, patience is key!

▫️ Send us a DM on Instagram and Kate will do her best to help troubleshoot with you.