Transitioning to Natural Shampoo

🔎 What to expect

4 weeks of less than perfect hair! I’m really not selling it on this page, but it needs to be said.  Going cold turkey on commercial products can be tough, but is totally worth it in the long run for soft, silky, natural hair.

It depends on how much residue and build up of product you have on your hair and scalp, as to how long it will take, it could be only a week or up to a month.  

Brace yourself for extremes, you might be itchy, oily or both.  Your scalp will be going through the adjustment of not relying on the products its used to and after being suppressed by synthetic replacements for so long, your body will try to generate oils as quickly as it can to try and balance itself out.  Your body will self regulate soon, just be patient during this phase.  If you go back to a synthetic shampoo (or conditioner), you’ll be stripping your hair of its natural oils and you’ll be back to square one and have to start all over again.  

🧼 Adjusting to using a shampoo bar

Solid shampoo bars don’t tend to lather in the same way as liquid shampoos.  They are still cleaning and doing their job, but it might feel less foamy.  You won’t need to use much shampoo at all either, which might feel odd to begin with.  

Due to the natural oils in solid shampoo bars, you don’t need to follow with a liquid conditioner as the bars are already nourishing enough.  On the other hand, there can be a build up of residue that you’ll need to clarify with an acidic rinse such as a diluted Apple Cider Vinegar. This isn’t an “every wash” routine, you only need to use a clarifying rinse, every now and then when you can feel build up on your hair.  

Store your bar between washes somewhere away from a water stream, or out of the shower completely – we wouldn’t want all the beautiful natural oils to wash down the drain! 

You can use a soap holder with good drainage so it doesn’t become soggy, and if you’re on the go pop it in a tin and let it dry out when you get home. 

I know this sounds like a lot of extra work, but its super easy once you make the switch and stick to it, you might even find you can go longer between washes and rarely need to condition.  

⌛ Be patient and don’t give up!

It will be totally worth it when you can flaunt your healthy natural hair and save a whole heap of time getting ready, not to mention the money and plastic you’ll save from no longer buying a cupboard full of products. Your scalp and Mother Earth will thank you!