Our Story

👋 Hi I’m Kate and this is my assistant Cookie

Nettle Tree is an online platform making plastic-free Aussie made shampoo bars from across the country more accessible.  

I began my zero waste journey in 2017 and had tried making my own shampoo but decided it was too messy and not meeting my specific hair needs.  I just couldn’t find anything that was handmade with natural ingredients to suit my sensitive skin – that wasn’t wrapped in plastic.   

In 2018, I started sourcing solid shampoo bars from local & regional markets.  My vision formed into creating a collection of products online so they are more accessible for other city dwelling Aussies.   

Meeting the women and their families who hand-make these products was incredibly inspiring, I have included some of their stories on each product page.  

In 2020, my excitement in the zero waste movement collided together with my passion for supporting women run small local businesses has resulted in Nettle Tree.