Reviresco Conditioner Bar 30g


Made on Kaurna land / the Adelaide Hills


Company: Reviresco

Location: Kaurna / The Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Story: I met Mel and was immediately delighted by her welcoming and humble nature. I was lucky enough go on a tour of both her workshop and her storage/packaging room (and meet her 2 gorgeous cats). Reviresco is her family name motto, it actually means to flourish, and flourish is exactly what Mel has done.  She showed me the evolution of her original cutting tools, and soap stamps over the years (found cool new hacks in the process), and how she’s shaped her business around ingredients that are natural.  We talked about how she’s chosen her ingredients to comply with her strict quality control, without SLS or Palm Oil.  Its clear Mel has done a lot of research into the whole soap making process and has chosen to formulate her products using the hot process, to ensure her bars are as mild as possible.  We vibed on composting and swapped minimal packaging ideas, Mel even grows the flowers in her back yard that she uses to decorate her gift packs! 

Product:  This Solid Conditioning Bar will out last 2 bottles of commercial conditioner!  Remember a little goes a long way. 

**Please Note**

We are unable to ship our Solid Conditioner Bars in the super warm weather.  As they are made of nothing but pure natural oils & butters, they will do what they should do naturally, melt.  It gets very hot in the back of delivery trucks, & we would hate for your bar to come to you a melty mess.

Weight: Approximately 30g (handmade products may vary slightly) 

Ingredients: Behentrimonium Methosulfate and Cetearyl Alcohol (GMO Free Natural Vegetable Source) Cocoa Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Organic Hemp Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Essential Oils Of Geranium, Lavender & Rosemary.  


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