Cinderella’s Soap Solid Shampoo Double Mint 130g


Handmade on Waveroo Land / Yakandandah Victoria


Company: Cinderella’s Handmade Soap

Location: Waveroo Land / Yakandandah, Victoria

Story: I first met Cindy and her husband at the Bright Market, where they had the most eye catching colourful stall set up with hundreds of candy coloured soaps laid out – truly a feast for your eyes! This was back in 2017 when I was at the beginning of my zero waste journey and hadn’t yet found a shampoo bar that worked well with my hair… until I found Cinderella’s Handmade Soaps!  Flash forward, in 2021 I’m officially a stockist, and inspired by Cindy who is humble and positive and sunny. From her first batch made in an empty milk carton, she’s grown her little business so much she now has a designated soap studio where she and her family continue to hand-make her ever growing range of natural goodies.  

Product: Cindy includes large amounts of castor oil, which is a humectant (draws moisture to itself) and provides intense moisturising qualities.  Castor oil also creates a big stable lather and may help reduce dandruff and irritation. This bar is scented in an invigorating blend of Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oils. Ideal for oily hair.

Weight: Approximately 130g (handmade products may vary slightly)

Ingredients: Saponified Australian Olive Oil, Aqua, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter, Essential Oil (Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oil blend), Skin Safe Colourants.


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