📦 Boxes

We use recyclable packaging, like actually out of our recycle bin. Our friends and family keep their cardboard boxes for us to upcycle, so you never know what you’re going to get! We believe that using recycled packaging is great, but where possible we try to use boxes that already exist in the world – lets give them a longer life!

stack of recycled upcycled brown carboard boxes sustainable packaging reuse reduce landfill

➿ Tape

Avoiding plastic where possible, we have decided to use a minimal amount of biodegradable tape.

📃 Filler Packaging

Your parcel will contain some packaging for protection. We would love if you would reuse the packaging first, then compost, upcycle or lastly recycle – see the 5 R’s to help minimise landfill and energy used to recycle.

Upside down pyramid showing the 5 R's Refuse reduce reuse rot recycle landfill

We use a variety of filler packaging, so your box may include:

Packaging Ideas & suggestions to re-use
Upcycled paper or cardboard from other parcelsReuse for gift giving, for scrapbooking or quilling, recycle or compost
Shredded paper from a local Melbourne based business who kindly donate the contents of their office paper shredderPop in the compost, give to someone who has chickens/bunnies/guinea pigs, or make a paper mache creation
Pieces of bamboo clothing samples from another small sustainable Melbourne family business, Kingston Grange Take off your make-up, use as a handkerchief or as a glasses cleaning cloth