How to use solid shampoo

Here are some suggestions, its worth trying different methods to find what’s easiest for you and what works for your hair – everyone is different! 

⏯️ _Begin with wet hands and hair. 

⏭️ _Apply the bar.

Option A) Gently rub bar directly onto your hair. 

Run the bar along your hair from roots to end, massage into your scalp paying attention to the roots.  You will notice a slight lather, just not as much as bottled shampoo. 

Option B) Lather the bar in your hands or using a fabric pouch or a sponge to apply to your hair. 

If you have very long or thick hair it may help to divide into sections to avoid tangles and ensure even coverage. Start with the crown and work your way down (don’t forget just above the nape of your neck). It can be easier if you don’t twirl or pile your hair up on top of your head, but let it loose and run your fingers through your hair like a comb. 

⏭️ _Add more water as needed. Don’t worry if its not super bubbly. There’s always more lather on the second wash!

⏭️ _Rinse 

🔁 _Repeat the above. The second time will lather more as your hair becomes cleaner. 

🔁 _Rinse thoroughly – rinse, rinse, rinse! Don’t forget the middle at the back so its all rinsed out. 

⏮️ _Following with a conditioner after every single wash is optional, check out some common conditioner and clarifying rinse options.